Evonik: New head for catalysts business
2/29/2024 Insights Article

Evonik: New head for catalysts business

There has been a change at the top of Evonik's Catalysts Business Unit. The outgoing head, Sanjeev Taneja, is retiring. The "newcomer" Dr Max Preisenberger faces major challenges.

Portrait of Dr Max Preisenberger Dr Max Preisenberger, the new head of the Catalysts Business Unit at Evonik, intends to pursue the ambitious growth strategy of his predecessor.
Dr Max Preisenberger was previously responsible for Finance and Strategy in Evonik's Specialty Additives Division. As head of the Catalysts and Adsorbents Business Line, he will be judged on whether he can continue to implement the growth-oriented strategy. Preisenberger is looking forward to building on the legacy of his predecessor Taneja: "We are leaders within the industry, and my aim is to continue this journey and deliver on our ambitious growth agenda throughout 2024 and beyond." Important milestones in the near future include a new alkoxide plant in Singapore, which is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2024. Alkoxide catalysts are used in biodiesel and pharmaceutical production as well as in chemical PET plastic recycling, among other applications. Evonik's efforts to offer aviation industry a CO2 alternative to fossil paraffin with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) are also on the Catalysts agenda. In general, the new business unit head emphasises the importance of catalysts, which are used in the manufacture of 80 percent of chemical products.

Evonik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of catalysts and adsorbents. It operates production sites on four continents and seven R&D centres worldwide. The Catalysts Business Line is part of Evonik's Smart Materials Division.

Mr Preisenberger, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, also has a degree in economics. He began his career at Evonik, then still Degussa, in 2000 and held various positions in the Health and Nutrition Business Unit from 2011. In 2020, he moved to the Specialty Additives Division.


Ulla Reutner

Dr. Ulla Reutner

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