POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025: Better than ever!
5/6/2024 Other Processing Industries Article

POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025: Better than ever!

POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 will be different; this is guaranteed by the addition of the TECHNOPHARM topics. The future fixed rhythm will ensure co-location with FACHPACK every three years. There will be a new hall constellation so that both trade fairs can play an effective double pass. Don't worry: nobody will get lost. On the contrary: Hall 8 to Hall 12 offer space for the future of processing.

Several visitors look at the pre-announcement of POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 and its co-events as they leave the exhibition. The next POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 will be exciting for visitors. Not only PARTEC, but also FACHPACK offer many synergies.

In the morning on the way from the underground towards the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. It's POWTECH again. On the first day of the fair, I'm filled with euphoria. Well, let's not get carried away. Work awaits - but also lots of interesting people, good conversations, and the feeling of being part of a highly specialised community. It feels easy in the morning - after all, the route from the underground station is downhill. And I'm not yet thinking about the heavy legs that will carry me back up the slight incline in the evening.

Outlook 2025: relocation with TECHNOPHARM in tow

What will it be like in 2025? Everything like the last POWTECH 2023? Not quite. I think it will be more exciting. The new blue and green POWTECH TECHNOPHARM logo catches the eye as soon as you look down from the pedestrian bridge at the underground station, prominently displayed on large LED screens and various huge signs. Above the centre entrance area, it is flanked by the orange and black FACHPACK lettering. It's a familiar sight. In 2022, POWTECH and FACHPACK were already held in a double pack. What's new is that the new POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is also on my left, at the West Entrance.

Representation of the Nuremberg exhibition centre with hall layout of PARTEC and POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025. FACHPACK and POWTECH TECHNOPHARM fill the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. For processing experts, the exhibition entrances North West - directly in Hall 12 - as well as Centre and West are ideal – they may of course also use all other entrances to the exhibition centre.
Because one thing will be different in 2025. POWTECH has not only been expanded to include the TECHNOPHARM area. It will also take place in new halls. In the coming trade fair years, it will also be spread across Halls 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. I just have to make up my mind. Will I go to the centre entrance as usual and from there to Hall 9 or 10? Or would it be better to go straight to the West Entrance and into Halls 11 or 12? Let's see where the queue is shorter. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to the planned digital trade fair guide, which will help me find "my" exhibitors without any problems.

Straight ahead from halls 9 to 12

Of course, the organisers know that not all trade fair visitors come by underground. Although the journey from the city centre or even from the airport to the trade fair can be mastered stress-free in just under 10 or 30 minutes. Drivers who use the surrounding car parks can take the shuttle bus directly to "their" North-West Entrance, which leads to Hall 12. Or take the East Entrance, directly on the "Große Straße", for a few impressions on the really short (and entertaining) route through FACHPACK Halls 6 or 7.

In the foreground is a stainless steel filling machine, in the background trade fair visitors exchange ideas. Processing, filling and packaging are links in the production chain. The co-location of POWTECH TECHNOPHARM and FACHPACK 2025 will therefore benefit numerous visitors who can visit both events with one exhibition ticket.

Packaging experts on the move to POWTECH

After all, it is no coincidence that the trade fair organisers have decided to offer FACHPACK and POWTECH TECHNOPHARM from 23 - 25 September 2025 - and every three years in future - in a double pack. Visitors can visit both trade fairs with one ticket. In 2022, over a third of trade fair visitors took advantage of this. And the exhibitors at both trade fairs also paid each other a visit. That's not surprising. After all, together the trade fairs cover the entire value chain of numerous industries, from production to packaging. FACHPACK also has a lot to offer visitors from the main target sectors of POWTECH TECHNOPHARM - chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals - and the associated machinery and plant manufacturers in the other eleven halls of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

Well prepared with a digital trade fair companion

There is no question that the relocation of the previous POWTECH exhibitors poses a challenge for the trade fair team. Everyone, visitors and exhibitors alike, should feel at home. Visitors should be able to orientate themselves easily. Thanks to the linear arrangement of the POWTECH-TECHNOPHARM halls and the planned digital exhibition guide, the latter will probably be easier than before in the honeycomb-shaped hall constellation. In addition, exhibitors will also be able to find neighbouring exhibition stands in the immediate vicinity in the future, if this is desired. Hall 12, which is particularly large and benefits from natural light, a catering area and, of course, a separate entrance from the shuttle bus stop, offers good opportunities for this. And Hall 11, the Frankenhalle known from many TV events, offers the opportunity to present really tall exhibits with a hall height of twelve metres.

Two expert forums, one of which is focussed on the topic of pharmaceuticals, will enrich the trade fair with presentations by over 60 high-calibre speakers and plenty of room for discussion. The new Newcomer Pavilion also offers new opportunities for encounters and a breath of fresh air. And the theme of pharmaceuticals will run through all the halls, which will become an even clearer highlight than before thanks to the extension of the trade fair name.

Twelve young, cheerful people pose in front of a wall with the Partec congress logo. PARTEC enriches the exhibition not only with high-calibre international speakers, but also with numerous young researchers.

PARTEC Congress attracts young and established researchers in particle technology

The latter will probably also offer some start-ups opportunities to enter the market. It is not uncommon for such start-ups to emerge as spin-offs from the PARTEC university community. The scientific conference on particle technology will accompany the two trade fairs in 2025, as usual in the NürnbergConvention Centre East directly on the exhibition grounds. Prof Lutz Mädler from the Leibniz Institute for Process Engineering in Bremen will chair the international conference for the first time. As in 2023, PARTEC will once again guarantee that many young scientists will find their way to POWTECH TECHNOPHARM and provide new impetus. Initial insights into the PARTEC topics will be provided by a virtualtalk on 18 June 2024 from the webinar series, which continues the expert forums virtually between the trade fairs.

After the fair is before the fair. I imagine myself walking up the curved bridge towards the underground towards the evening in 2025. Thanks to really great contacts, including with the new Technopharm exhibitors, lots of new insights into process technology innovations - and not least well-worn trade fair shoes - I hardly feel the heaviness of my feet. In fact: POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 was #betterthanever. I certainly benefit from that.


Ulla Reutner

Dr. Ulla Reutner

Chemist and freelance specialised journalist