POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is getting back into rhythm
3/1/2024 Insights Interview

POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is getting back into rhythm

When exactly will the next POWTECH actually take place? Marianny Eisenhofer, Director POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, explains how the trade fair is finding its rhythm again. Many international visitors and exhibitors will benefit from the synergies with FACHPACK and the PARTEC Congress.

Portait of Marianny Eisenhofer, Director POWTECH TECHNOPHARM Marianny Eisenhofer, Director POWTECH TECHNOPHARM: "In autumn 2025, we will be launching the new POWTECH TECHNOPHARM in co-location with the PARTEC Congress and FACHPACK."

When will the next POWTECH take place, Marianny Eisenhofer?

Strictly speaking, it is now POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, which will make its debut from 23 to 25 September 2025. As you can see from the new name, we will be giving pharmaceutical process technology more space again in future and giving the trade fair a fresh concept. We are becoming even more international and look forward to welcoming many participants from the processing markets from all over the world.

So, 2024 will be a break year for POWTECH before it takes off in full force the following year as POWTECH TECHNOPHARM?

Yes, exactly. The exhibitors and we as trade fair organisers will use the time to prepare for the renewed trade fair concept. For 2025, we are revising the product range, creating a new programme and there will also be a new hall layout that will be clearer and more convenient for visitors. We will support them in their preparations for the trade fair with a digital trade fair guide. At POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, this will lead them directly to the exhibitors they are interested in.

We will work on integrating the TECHNOPHARM topics well and providing exhibitors and visitors with the ideal platform for this. Many exhibitors support the break year to have enough time to develop innovations. Visitors also usually have to concentrate on a few trade fairs per year. That's why we are focusing on the autumn dates in future.

What exactly does the rhythm look like?

In September 2025, we will be able to organise POWTECH TECHNOPHARM in co-location with the PARTEC congress and the FACHPACK packaging trade fair. This already worked wonderfully in 2022. It has been shown that many FACHPACK participants take the opportunity to contact POWTECH exhibitors. Conversely, there are also numerous POWTECH visitors who are interested in FACHPACK topics. With their ticket, they can look around both trade fairs. This is profitable for the exhibitors at both events. And it will get even better. After all, the TECHNOPHARM trade fair component in particular has many synergies with FACHPACK.

In 2026, there will then be a "pure" POWTECH TECHNOPHARM – also in September and therefore outside the holiday periods and without colliding with other dates relevant to the processing industry. The third year is a break – or rather the year to work intensively on concepts and innovations. Then it starts all over again. Always in autumn, once POWTECH-TECHNOPHARM plus PARTEC plus FACHPACK, the following year a solo for POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, in the third year a break. Both visitors and exhibitors will benefit from this regularity. In future, they will be able to mark POWTECH TECHNOPHARM as a fixed date in their diaries well in advance.

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Ulla Reutner

Dr. Ulla Reutner

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