Siebtechnik saves Allgaier Process Technology
3/4/2024 Machinery Article

Siebtechnik saves Allgaier Process Technology

The business of Allgaier's process technology subsidiaries is safe. The takeover of Mogensen by the Joest Group in November saved the first part from insolvency. Since January, the remainder, Allgaier Process Technology, has been part of Siebtechnik under the umbrella of STAFAG International. The takeover is seen as a last-minute rescue.

Five men stand in an office building in front of the bright ALLGAIER lettering Allgaier Process Technology, the second processing company in the Allgaier Group, has also survived insolvency. It now belongs to Siebtechnik. Signing the contract: Christian Steinhaus (Siebtechnik), Michael Weißflog (APT), Dr. Reinhard Scholz (Siebtechnik), Dr. Christian Watzelt (APT) und Harald M. Koch (STAFAG International) (from left to right) (Source: Siebtechnik)

Allgaier Process Technology has been part of Siebtechnik since 1 January 2024. As a subsidiary of the insolvent Allgaier Group, Uhingen/Germany, whose main business as an automotive supplier was in financial difficulties, Allgaier Process Technology also had to file for insolvency. The continued existence of the supplier to the bulk materials processing industry is now assured. All 160 employees will be taken on. The acquirer is the holding company STAFAG International, to which Siebtechnik also belongs. The group consists of more than 50 companies. The focus is on the manufacture of centrifuges, the processing of mineral bulk materials and solid-liquid separation.

Dr Reinhard Scholz, Managing Director of Siebtechnik, comments on the acquisition: "Our customers very often use dryers as the final dewatering technology after pre-dewatering with centrifuges. Allgaier's diverse dryer solutions and fine screening with tumbler screening machines ideally complement our product portfolio." Allgaier Process Technology will continue to operate under its current name.

Back in November, it was announced that Mogensen, another process technology subsidiary of the Allgaier Group, would be taken over by the German Joest Group. Mogensen's product range includes screening, sorting, and washing solutions for recycling, animal feed, chemical and pharmaceutical production.

The Allgaier Group belonged to the family of former employer president Dieter Hundt. In summer 2022, 90 per cent of the shares were sold to the Chinese Westron Group. It is still unclear whether Allgaier Automotive, the largest company in the group, can also be saved.


Ulla Reutner

Dr. Ulla Reutner

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