Well received for the new trade fair concept
6/3/2024 Look into the World of Processing Article

Well received for the new trade fair concept

For visitors, the next POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is still a long way off. For exhibitors, however, after the trade fair is before the trade fair. Especially when so many things change, such as the transition from POWTECH to the new POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025. Good arguments in favour of participating have already convinced several bookers - both existing and new.

Numerous men walk through the aisle of an exhibition hall with stands displaying technology. Exhibitors are also hoping for well-filled exhibition halls in the new halls at POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025
One welcomes the new TECHNOPHARM exhibition component. The other is looking forward to additional visitors from the FACHPACK halls. For the third, the expected contacts with young engineers or scientists from the PARTEC congress are a valid additional argument for exhibiting at POWTECH TECHNOPHARM in 2025. ‘In any case, all exhibitors welcome the fact that we are talking to them about the expanded concept,’ says Larissa Braune from the NürnbergMesse team. It feels a bit as if the next POWTECH TECHNOPHARM will be held this autumn. The upcoming changes are luring many out of their comfort zone. Visitors will only have to come to terms with this shortly before the trade fair date in September 2025. Exhibitors - established and especially first-time exhibitors - are already in demand.
Portrait of Laura Kneisl, Event Manager, Hosokawa Alpine ‘We had a very valuable visit to the hall and are looking forward to the new hall layout. A big compliment to the POWTECH team!’ Laura Kneisl, Event Manager, Hosokawa Alpine
Which will simply affect everyone: POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is moving. Not far. Just a few halls further inside the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. For the many visitors travelling by underground directly to the exhibition halls, this will mean even shorter distances to the future Halls 8 to 12. And for the exhibitors? The best thing is for them to see for themselves. Many have already done so and viewed the halls during the trade fair. ‘We had a very valuable hall viewing appointment with Verena Albrecht from the POWTECH-TECHNOPHARM team,’ says Laura Kneisl, Event and Marketing Manager at Hosokawa Alpine, one of the largest exhibitors so far. Her conclusion: ‘Although we will miss our long-standing window space in Hall 4A at POWTECH, we are looking forward to the new hall layout. We are looking forward to the new concept of POWTECH TECHNOPHARM and the opportunities, challenges and possibly as yet undiscovered benefits it will bring. A big compliment and many thanks to the POWTECH team for their efforts and valuable support during the planning phase.’

Pharmaceutical technology spread across the exhibition halls

The team is eager to meet everyone, explain the benefits of FACHPACK and PARTEC and, above all, present the ideas for the TECHNOPHARM focus. TECHNOPHARM - it already existed in the past, but more as an addition to POWTECH. Many exhibitors who wanted to reach not only the pharmaceutical industry, but also the cosmetics, food and chemical industries, would have had to split up. That will change in 2025. As is typical for POWTECH, the offerings for hygienic and pharmaceutical process technology will be spread across the exhibition halls. It is precisely the charm of diversity that allows experts from different sectors to engage in dialogue and learn from each other. Numerous topics such as 3D printing, digitalisation and AI affect many sectors anyway, including former ‘pharma specials’ such as MES functions in process control systems, containment solutions and the integration of package units.

Portrait of Joachim Dittrich, CEO at Fette Compacting ‘The addition of TECHNOPHARM enables us to demonstrate our expertise as a process partner for powder formulation and tableting to a wide audience in a bundled form.’ Joachim Dittrich, CEO at Fette Compacting
Industry giants such as Fette Compacting are already convinced of the additional benefits. CEO Joachim Dittrich says: ‘The addition of the TECHNOPHARM brand is an important step for our company, as it places an even greater focus on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries. As a global technology leader in the field of tableting machines, we see this as an excellent opportunity to present our specialised solutions and innovations to an even more targeted audience: customers from the chemical industry as well as customers from pharmaceutical and food production. In this way, we can demonstrate our expertise as a process partner for powder formulation and tableting to a broad audience.’ The additional focus on the pharmaceutical and food industries has strengthened Fette Compacting's decision to exhibit again in 2025.

Fette Compacting is a prime example of an exhibitor that can count on the benefits of FACHPACK. Tableting, packaging and the entire upstream and downstream process chain will be ideally represented in autumn 2025. Joachim Dittrich expects FACHPACK, which is taking place at the same time, to have a significant positive impact on visitor numbers at the Fette Compacting stand. The CEO is certain: ‘The synergies between the two trade fairs offer both visitors and exhibitors significant added value. Trade visitors from the packaging industry in particular, who are also active in pharmaceutical and food production, will probably be very interested in our solutions.’

Early and new visitors in one. The concept works!

Even if it is still too early to quote figures: The trade fair team is already noticing that numerous technology providers are interested in a stand at the future POWTECH TECHNOPHARM - or have even already decided to present their expertise, service offerings and products there as early bookers. This also includes various medium-sized companies with fresh solutions.

‘In particular, companies that see the pharmaceutical sector as their future market react with great interest when we tell them about the stronger emphasis on the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. They see great opportunities for broader awareness beyond their traditional customer sectors,’ says a delighted Larissa Braune, who already knows from several other new exhibitors that bookings for 2025 are as good as ready to go. The well thought-out concept has also impressed exhibitors who have been exhibiting for many years and have not really wanted any changes.

Fresh wind also takes sceptics with it

Portrait of Rico Weinert, Managing Director at Edelstahlbau Tannroda ‘The revitalisation of the TECHNOPHARM name will give pharmaceutical suppliers more weight and attention again.’ Rico Weinert, Managing Director at Edelstahlbau Tannroda
Larissa Braune and her colleagues are obviously able to dispel the doubts of even sceptics. For example, Rico Weinert, Managing Director of Edelstahlbau Tannroda, who had questioned his company's renewed participation. He changed his mind: ‘In the end, we were convinced by two things: the revitalisation of the TECHNOPHARM name, which gives pharmaceutical suppliers more weight and attention again, and the integration of TECHNOPHARM into POWTECH. We are convinced that the number of exhibitors and visitors from the pharmaceutical sector will increase significantly. POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 will have to prove whether the new hall layout is the optimum or can be further improved. In any case, we believe that the conditions for a successful trade fair are in place.’


Ulla Reutner

Dr. Ulla Reutner

Chemist and freelance specialised journalist