POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025: Kick-off with a new design


POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025: Kick-off with a new design

The Leading International Processing Trade Fair for Powder, Bulk Solids, Fluids and Liquids, taking place in Nuremberg from 23 to 25 September 2025, has a new look.


The green light to prepare for POWTECH TECHNOPHARM has been given: The Leading International Processing Trade Fair for Powder, Bulk Solids, Fluids and Liquids, taking place in Nuremberg from 23 to 25 September 2025, has a new look. Not only has the brand been revamped, the concept has also undergone adjustments. With the new subtitle “International Exhibition for Process Operations”, POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is preparing to be the meeting place for a multi-sector community in 2025.

Starting in 2025, the former POWTECH will operate under the name POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, and with this new refinement it will provide the perfect platform for the growing pharmaceutical and life sciences industry in particular.

“POWTECH, as the core of mechanical processing technology for powders, granulates and bulk solids, will of course remain,” explains Heike Slotta, Executive Director Exhibitions. “This core will be expanded to include TECHNOPHARM and pharmaceutical process technology for solids and liquids. We are thus specifically addressing the pharmaceutical industry as one of our top three visitor sectors and are also focussing on the GxP-compliant manufacture of pharmaceutical products in solid, semi-solid and liquid form.”


“In the flow” – the new POWTECH TECHNOPHARM brand identity

Just in time for the start of sales, POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is presenting itself in a new design: A fresh new look is now framing the trade fair, developed from the familiar blue-green colour scheme. The unifying concept is symbolized by the “flow” between POWTECH and TECHNOPHARM in the refreshed logo. The new claim – “Your destination for processing technology” – leaves no doubt that POWTECH TECHNOPHARM will be the hotspot for the entire processing technology sector in September 2025. The new website picks up on this and also presents itself in a new look: cross-industry, dynamic and user-friendly with a clear structure – online now at https://www.powtech-technopharm.com/en.


Brand new: “Industry Insights” from POWTECH TECHNOPHARM

POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is very important to numerous user industries. With “Industry Insights”, the exhibition is utilizing synergies profitably and creating a section on the website that provides the community with relevant content on the international processing market all year round. “Industry Insights” offers key ideas and inspiration – with reports on trends and current projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other process markets. Insights are provided into the opportunities and challenges offered by decarbonization, digitalization, hygienic design and safety, as well as the latest views of experts from science and practice – and, of course, all the information about POWTECH TECHNOPHARM. Anyone who wants to be part of the Processing Technology Community can register on the website and receive all news directly to their email inbox every month.


Extensive knowledge-sharing at the multi-sector exhibition

Preparations for POWTECH TECHNOPHARM 2025 are already in full swing. It will take the form of an international exhibition whose advantages lie in knowledge-sharing between sectors. Both exhibitors and visitors will benefit from the resulting synergies and have the exceptional opportunity to gain knowledge from both their own and other sectors. In addition to the focus areas of chemicals, food/feed, pharmaceuticals and energy, there is also strong representation for the areas of cosmetics, building and non-metallic minerals, plastics/rubber, ceramics/glass, environment and recycling, and also mechanical and plant engineering.

Marianny Eisenhofer, Director POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, comments on how the plans are proceeding: “POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is now ‘your destination for processing technology’. It will have an integrated strategy: a shared product range, exhibitors will be placed together as desired, and a digitalized joint trade fair guide will ensure orientation at the exhibition. In the accompanying programme, the POWTECH Forum and the TECHNOPHARM Forum will be dedicated to their specific areas of application with high-quality expert knowledge.”


Concentrated expertise under one roof

In 2025 in particular, exhibitors and visitors will benefit twice over: POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, International Exhibition for Process Operations, will take place in the North-West area, while FACHPACK, the European Trade Fair for Packaging, Technology and Processing, will be held in the South-East area. PARTEC, the International Congress on Particle Technology, will round out the programme in NCC Ost.



POWTECH TECHNOPHARM (Nuremberg, 23-25 September 2025) is the international trade fair for process engineering experts and a tailor-made technology platform for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Its honorary sponsors are the APV (Working Group for Pharmaceutical Process Engineering) and the VDI Association of Process and Chemical Engineering. At this working trade fair, experienced companies and innovative start-ups present a wide range of technological solutions for the production and processing of powders, granulates, bulk solids, fluids and liquids for industries of all kinds. POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is the gateway to the European market and provides a comprehensive look at the latest developments and industry-specific trends. For exhibitors and visitors from numerous user industries, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, building and non-metallic minerals, ceramics, glass, mechanical engineering and plant construction, recycling and the environment, as well as cosmetics and batteries, POWTECH TECHNOPHARM provides the perfect platform for sharing information on process and unit operations and GxP-compliant production.

POWTECH TECHNOPHARM is held in Nuremberg in September, with a break every third year. The next POWTECH TECHNOPHARM in conjunction with PARTEC Congress and co-located with FACHPACK will take place from 23 to 25 September 2025.