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Ceramics - Glass

From flat glass to glass fibre, from building materials to advanced ceramics - the products in these sectors and the quality requirements vary greatly.
POWTECH TECHNOPHARM showcases the diversity of processes.

The requirements placed on technology used in the glass and ceramics industries are just as diverse as the products themselves. These include building ceramics, household objects, high-performance ceramics, flat and hollow glass, glass fibre and technical glassware. The necessary qualities vary considerably from product to product, as do their specific characteristics. Both can be influenced to a great extent by the raw materials and manufacturing processes used in glass and ceramics technology. Alongside the purity of the input materials, particle size and particle size distribution play a significant role.
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POWTECH TECHNOPHARM showcases impressive solutions for the processes involved in the glass industry and in the ceramics industry. Mechanical processes like pulverising, screening, mixing, spray-drying and granulating play an important role right from the feeding of raw materials to the shaping and manufacturing process. This is where the foundations are laid for the formation of the crucial microstructure that determines the properties of the shaped products.
Alongside mass production, the industry is also seeing increasingly customised products. This is leading to increasing demand for additive manufacturing processes, which many exhibitors at POWTECH TECHNOPHARM are responding to with new solutions. Rapid product changes and production processes that can be flexibly adapted to new market circumstances also call for suitable and highly automated processes to prepare the mixtures.

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