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Without energy storage, there can be no energy and mobility transition. This requires intelligent production solutions, starting with the sieving of the raw materials and the mixing of the electrode material through to recycling.

Increasingly more powerful batteries and accumulators are enablers of the energy and mobility transition. The distinguishing characteristics of the next generation of batteries are expected to be even greater power density, safety and service life. It is also important to work sustainably throughout the entire life cycle of these energy carriers. This starts with the extraction of the raw materials and ends with reconditioning and recycling. The foundations for high battery quality are laid during the manufacturing of the electrodes. Especially in these initial manufacturing steps, there is a need for processing technologies, e.g., for the screening and sifting of starting materials and the production of electrode slurries. For example, when mixing electrode materials, the focus is not just on achieving homogeneity. It is also imperative to avoid metal debris.
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POWTECH TECHNOPHARM exhibitors will present mixer designs specially adapted to the peculiarities of battery applications. For example, they avoid miniscule amounts of iron that would impair the performance of the subsequent battery. Apart from the mostly pulverous active materials, conductive additives, solvents and binders are also needed. In addition, battery developers and manufacturers can find out how to feed materials like nanoparticles, which are often hazardous to health, without endangering the operator or contaminating the environment. Dust exposure can be avoided, for example, by using special docking systems. During subsequent recycling, only a combination of suitable image recognition and mechanical separating systems can handle the heterogeneity of battery materials. At POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, industry representatives will therefore receive numerous suggestions about how to combine improved battery efficiency and optimised production.

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