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POWTECH TECHNOPHARM uses sophisticated technology to accompany the plastics process from product manufacture through to recycling. Starting with the production of masterbatches, flexibility is required.

Plastics, along with natural and synthetic rubbers, are used virtually everywhere: from everyday items and packaging to vehicles and machinery to construction and medical devices. The machines used for the production of these materials need to be fed the raw material mixtures with maximum efficiency, quality, and safety. This is the only way to achieve economic efficiency when large quantities are being produced. The exhibitors at POWTECH TECHNOPHARM fulfil this need. A wide range of plastics technologies are used in the production of master batches and granulates that are required in processing. When it comes to handling raw materials, premixes and compounds in bulk solid form, flexibility is the name of the game. The raw material mixtures consist of large, medium and small components, along with additives. These must be precisely combined and fed to various compound lines. Following the plastic granulation process, the oversized and undersized particles need to be separated before small and large batches can be decanted with as little dust as possible.
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POWTECH TECHNOPHARM offers systems and solutions for all these processes. As raw materials become more scarce, climate protection by means of a circular economy is becoming a powerful driver of innovation.
The use of recycled raw materials is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of countless plastic and rubber products. Demand for ingenious solutions that enable a high proportion of recyclate is growing. The energy consumption of production systems is another area that can be optimised to benefit the environment. The plastics and recycling industries must cooperate closely if they are to both preserve resources and offer the advantages of plastics engineering and rubber technology sustainably in future. Both sectors will be present at POWTECH TECHNOPHARM, creating ideal conditions for shaping change.

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